Display Logic walks

Display Logic walks our customers through the complexities of Projective Capacitive technology (PCT)

WIth the wide adoption of PCT on most every consumer handheld device, many industrial OEM customers are being introduced to PCt products originally designed for those consumer markets. Product often looks great, appears to function well and is priced attractively.

PCT design for industrial OEM applications should focus on these areas:


Cover Lens Support

Often a PCT sensor is the bezelless front end of your product, thus custom cover lens capability and support is mandatory

Controller Support

Controller chip longevity?
Firmware consistency
Change management and support

Product Performance

Does it now and will it always meet your input and visual criteria?

Product Longevity

How long can you buy it for?
How long will it remain the same?

Display Logic understands PCT technology and more importantly we understand applications and OEM customer objectives. Our PCT solutions balance best performance in all of the above areas with:

  • Complete Cover Lens Customization
    • No limit on design around color, shapes, holes, logos, extra capacitive buttons or materials like chemically strengthened, Anti-Reflective, thick or thin cover lens
    • Fast quote and prototype turn-around
    • Flexible terms and low NRE’s
  • Long life PCT controllers based on chips designed specifically for industrial OEM customers, not the consumer market
    • ​Long life controllers means consistent reliable performance for years without change
    • No firmware changes
  • Long life PCT sensing layers and a film-film-glass structure mean high quality visual performance that never changes
  • Display Logic PCT sensors and controllers are designed with the industrial OEM in mind.  5+ years of longevity without change to hardware or firmware is common

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