Viewing Angle Enhancements

Viewing Angle Enhancements

Viewing Angle Enhancement Film

Convert your cost-effective standard viewing angle TFT LCD into a high-performance wide viewing angle product.
Viewing Angle Enhancements
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Wide Viewing Cone Display Technology

When reviewing a TFT LCD’s specifications, MVA, IPS, PVA and other acronyms indicate that the LCD offers a true wide viewing cone. In other words, images are as clear, colors are as good up to 89 degrees from the center as they are looking straight on at the LCD.

The tradeoffs include however:
  • Higher backlight power is required to compensate for the LCD cell structure
  • TFT cell is not highly transmissive, thus it’s harder to achieve higher levels of brightness
  • Wide view LCD technology limits the LCD’s ability to quickly redraw images, thus response times are slow
  • There is a premium for the technology

Display Logic offers an alternative option with our AllView viewing angle enhancement designed for Twisted Nematic (TN) LCD technology

A TN or Twisted Nematic TFT LCD is a cost-effective high performance LCD. It offers good brightness performance and fast response times. However, it suffers in one key area and that is its viewing cone. TN LCD’s typically have three good viewing angle directions. In these directions the image is typically clear and colors are consistent up to 80 degrees from the center of the LCD. The remaining viewing direction is usually good through 40-50 degrees from center. Afterwards, the image is likely to invert, almost appearing like an x-ray.

Display Logic enhances the poor performing viewing angle; typically the top or bottom angle to perform equally as well as the remaining three angles.

The benefits of this approach:
  • Wide viewing angle display performance
  • Use cost effective LCD’s
  • TN displays have fast response times
  • TN displays are perfect for high brightness enhancements