Unique LCD Interfacing

LCDBaseTLCDBaseT is a unique Display Interfacing product that revolutionizes many Display applications.

It is a product that transmits and receives power, video, audio, USB and system health status all over a single CAT 5 cable using a standard Ethernet connection.

Imagine a laptop docking station that could be placed remotely from the laptop. You would have all the functionality of the laptop, but it would be located elsewhere.   That functionality could be offered where a laptop could not normally operate, like in the rain, in bright sun, harsh environments or hanging on a wall.  Additionally, you would not be limited to locations that have AC power since LCDBaseT incorporates power over Ethernet (POE).

This greatly reduces overall system complexity, installation cost and manufacturing cost while simplifying field service.

Contact Display Logic to learn more about LCDBaseT technology which has been described by industry experts as a “Game Changer”!

Unique LCD Interfacing